Paul Cezanne Post-Impressionist Colorful Historical Art by!

Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne

Pattern Set for SegPlay® PC by Segmation (see more details here)

Segmation is a well organized collection of art patterns that brings to life the most recognized works of Paul Cézanne, a French post-impressionist painter. You’ll find landscapes, portraits, and still life’s of which Cézanne shows a mastery of design and an influence towards cubism. Twenty of his most famous works are included from his dark period (1861-1870), Impressionist period (1870-1878), Mature Period (1878-1890), and Final Period (1890-1905).
This set contains 20 paintable patterns.
Paul Cezanne

Have fun and relax with beautiful online painting art. So fun and easy to use with no mess but just a mouse!

Be a Artist in 2 minutes with Paul Cezanne from Segmation SegPlay® PC (see more details here)


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