Teapot Tuesday–Bermuda Style

What beautiful and colorful teapots!

It's Just Life

Today’s teapot is pretty special. I know that I say that about all of my teapots in my collection but this one really is.  I picked up this sweet little teapot on our recent trip to Bermuda and as I watch the snow fall today I am wishing I was back on that island.  The really neat thing about this teapot is that it has a story.




Now look at this signature on the bottom of this sweet Bermuda teapot.P1010384

Yes, that would be THE Carol Holding. One of the things that Mr. Diamond did in the past was do a start up for a picture framing company.  One of the artists that they did framing for was Carole Holding in Bermuda.  They shipped pallets of her fabulous watercolors every year and he had many conversations with her husband, Joe, who did the managing side of the business. When we…

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