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Cinderella’s Hand Painted Wedding Gown is a Work of Art

imagesUnless you are totally disconnected from all types of media, you are probably aware of Disney’s recent release of its live-action romantic film, Cinderella. To say the movie is a success is a gross understatement; the film has thus far claimed about $500 million worldwide. Obviously, there is something about Cinderella that the whole world loves.

While there are various reasons both children and adults adore Disney’s recent epic movie, art lovers are captured by the sensational costumes displayed in the film. The costumes, designed by Sandy Powell, are true masterpieces that, quite simply, bring the film to an unsurpassed level of artistry.

Sandy Powell’s Exquisite Costumes Dazzle Moviegoers

imagesSandy Powell, a three-time Oscar winning costume designer, is no stranger to transforming mere clothing into works of art. To create the costumes for Cinderella, Powell looked to the styles of the 1950s and the 19th Century for inspiration. (These were the time periods that inspired the illustrations for Disney’s 65-year-old cartoon version of Cinderella. Powell drew from the same stylistic eras in order to give the modern Cinderella a distinctly Disney flavor.) Powell commented, “I wanted the costumes to be bold and have an explosion of color as if it were a picture book…but at the same time, I wanted the clothes to be true to each character and believable.”

The Wicked Stepmother Stands Out in Gowns Fit for a Queen

If you think Cinderella’s wicked stepmother was dressed shabbily to express her malicious character, think again. Cate Blanchett, who played Ella’s infamous stepmother, was a human canvas for some of the most stunning displays of costume artwork ever created. Speaking of Blanchett’s character, Powell commented that it is always fun to dress the bad guy, whereas the good guy is typically the most difficult to design for.

Cinderella’s Wedding Gown, an Artistic Masterpiece

While Blanchett’s costumes are remarkable, they in no way upstage Lily James’s costumes  images(James is the young actress who played Cinderella). For the famous gown that Ella enters the ball wearing, Powell designed a beautiful gossamer dress featuring shades of lavender, blue and turquoise. To add to the gown’s enchantment, tiny butterflies were sewn onto the bodice, giving the dress a touch of whimsy.

While all the costumes in Disney’s Cinderella were spectacular, none were more so than Ella’s wedding gown. At first glance, the long-sleeve beige colored gown appears to be somewhat simple (Powell wanted it to express Ella’s innocence). But, take a closer look and you’ll observe painstaking attention to detail. Once the seamstresses were done constructing the gown, “It was given to the artists who intricately hand painted flowers onto the gown. It took 16 people and nearly 550 hours to complete the dress.” Layer upon layer of fabric was hand painted until the desired effect of absolute costume magic was achieved. All things considered, Cinderella’s wedding gown is no less than a work of fine art that will undoubtedly touch fans for generations.

Do you see costumes as works of art? What film features costumes that inspire you as an artist? Share with us – we’d love to hear from you!

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Choose Your Wedding Colors in 4 Simple Steps

Decorating with color can make a celebration come to life. This is especially true when it comes to weddings.

Picking wedding colors is a process that needs close attention. Add a touch of charm to a black and white affair, and infuse your event with liveliness.

For those who want their weddings to be full of colorful joy and personality, consider following these four simple steps.

1.    Identify your Favorite Color

Do you have a favorite color? What about colors? These appealing shades may symbolize emotions (i.e. yellow = happy). Or, perhaps it is a shade that looks good with your skin tone and hair color. If you have trouble pinpointing the hues you love, take a look around. What colors do you decorate with? What does your cell phone case look like? What colors are repeated throughout your wardrobe? Your favorite colors are all around you. Take notice.

2.    Look at the Location

Wedding venues either have lots of character or are blank canvases. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize color pallets in the reception hall and ceremony spaces. Do you notice an established color pattern that you want to repeat? Is there a color that may clash with the theme you have in mind? Depending on the look of the venue or venues, this may have a strong influence on your color choice.

3.    Consider the Date

Depending on the time of year your wedding takes place, you may have to consider seasonal colors. For instance, in fall, outdoor colors tend to be vibrant shades of red, orange and gold. Therefore, it may be wise to compliment these colors when planning your wedding. It will add charm to the occasion and fit the overall mood that nature sets.

4.    Choose the Best Flowers

Once you acknowledge seasonal colors, it may be a good time to shop for flowers. Look for blooms that are relevant with the season. This adds to the ambiance and can save you money, as it is costly to import flowers that are not in season.

Choosing a theme for your wedding is more involved than declaring your favorite color. Like all aspects of wedding planning, there is a lot to consider. By taking your location, date, flowers, and your favorite colors into account, arriving at your final decision should be easy. Ultimately, choose colors that compliment you and will delight your guests.

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