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Francisco Zurbarán – The Spanish Caravaggio

Francisco Zurbarán - The Spanish Caravaggio

Francisco Zurbarán - The Spanish Caravaggio

New Pattern Set for SegPlayPC recently released (see more details here)

Francisco Zurbarán (1598 – 1664) was a Spanish Painter who is primarily known for his religious oriented works of art which were depicted using a realistic style called chiaroscuro (contrasting light and dark areas).. The set title lays reference to the Italian painter Caravaggio who also excelled at chiaroscuro. Another characteristic in Zurbarán’s paintings is his renditions of drapes and robes. His subjects were usually a single figure of a religious theme. Our pattern set includes most his most recognized works including “Christ and the Virgin in the House of Nazareth”, “Saint Francis”, “The Death of St. Bonaventure”, “St. Apollonia”, “Madonna with Child”, “L’Annonciation”, “Agnus Dei” ,”Saint Serapion”, “Saint Rufina”, “The Young Virgin”, and “St. Casilda of Burgos”. There is also a self-portrait included.

This set contains 23 paintable patterns.