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Color-changing Properties Make Gold Multi-purposeful

Color-changing products have been mesmerizing consumers for years. When did you receive your first mood-ring or hologram trading card? While holograms reflect light to reveal different colors and images, mood-rings change hues based on a person’s body heat. Now, a new color-changing product is in the works but it does not rely on light or body heat in order to change. Instead, it changes based on touch.

Scientists at the University of California have found that when gold nanoparticles are strung together, the collective color is blue. Then, when these strands break apart, they continue to change colors into purple and red. The final color is determined on how much stress is put on the gold. If it is lightly touched, it will change to purple; when it is completely broken apart it turns red.

As of right now, there is much excitement about using these gold nanoparticles in paint, tape or bandages so that color-changing properties can be used to indicate how much stress has been applied to a particular area. The inventors envision this being used in products like vehicle crash-test dummies, performance sports equipment (such as baseball bats) and beds. When used in these capacities, the color-changing product may indicate where the greatest amount of impact is concentrated.

While a number of comments on The Atlantic Magazine article suggest the color-changing properties of gold is not a new phenomenon, the technology to make it marketable might be. Because the concentration of gold is low, this could become an affordable, household product. However, scientists are also looking at the less expensive alternative silver as a possible composite. Like gold, when silver is broken down it changes colors but because it lets more light in, the nanoparticles will change from blue to green to yellow.

This new discovery may be available to the public soon. Right now, a patent is pending for the University of California scientists. Before long, gold nanoparticles may be in our tape, paint and bandages – and for good reason too. It will be help us indicate where impact has been made by changing its color with a simple touch.

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Learn How to Safely Pack and Ship Your Art

Whether you’re shipping your artwork to a gallery or preparing to move your art collection to your new home, your number one priority when transporting art is to make sure that it arrives in perfect condition at its destination. Follow these tips to ensure that your artwork arrives undamaged and ready to display:

  • Wrap paintings, drawings and sculptures carefully in a protective, pH neutral covering, such as glassine. This will protect the surface of the artwork from being exposed to the harmful chemicals that can be found in packing tape, cardboard, and anything else that may come into contact with the artwork. Never allow cardboard or packing tape to touch the surface of your artwork directly.
  • For inexpensive works of art on paper or canvas, you can create a “sandwich” by placing two sturdy pieces of heavy cardboard or foamboard on either side of the artwork, sealing the two halves together using an acid-free tape. Make sure that the cardboard or foamboard is several inches longer than the artwork on each edge. To ensure that the artwork doesn’t move around while in transit, use acid-free tape to secure the glassine-covered artwork to the cardboard or foamboard.
  • Consider using a box that is specially-designed to transport art, such as Strong Boxes by Air Float Systems. These boxes contain an acid-free foam insert that form a protective shell around your artwork.
  • If you need to transport an expensive work of art, use a professional art packer and mover, who will expertly pack and ship your art. You can find one in your local phone book. They will also be able to advise you on purchasing insurance for your artwork, which is a wise idea when shipping expensive (and/or irreplaceable) artwork.

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