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Hotel Provides “Sleep Art” as the Ultimate Luxury for Guests


For many people, art is considered a luxury. Investors all over the world pay vast sums of money for single works of art created by revered artists. Individuals on a smaller budget may not have much money to invest in art, but often these people will reserve funds for trips to the museum. When looked at from this perspective, it may be safe to assume that art is a luxury for some people.

Ibis, a European hotel chain, has taken luxury to the next level by introducing a robotic arm that creates paintings based on hotel guest’s sleep patterns. It’s clear that Ibis believes its guests will consider it a treat to receive personalized art — that’s why the hotel chain has invested in the amazing robotic arm ‘artist’.

The robotic arm, which has been named “Sleepy”, was originally intended to be used in factories for packaging and manufacturing. Ibis gave the robotic arm something of a makeover, making its motions smooth and precise. The amazing thing about Sleepy is that he creates personalized works of art for hotel guests as they sleep.

It’s reported that Sleepy gets his inspiration for artwork from sensors that are attached to guests’ beds. On each bed there are about 80 sensors. These sensors “measure pressure, heat, and sound to compose a visual interpretation of the energy and motion of sleep.” When guests awake in the morning, most are probably excited to view a piece of art that represents their sleep patterns.

The acrylic paintings created by Sleepy give an honest review of someone’s “sleep personality.” For example, if someone is a restless sleeper, that will show up in the painting Sleepy creates. If another person is very peaceful, that will be made apparent as well.

Ibis is demonstrating its belief in the idea that art goes hand-in-hand with luxury. To Ibis, art is even a part of great customer service. This European hotel chain is doing all it can to provide guests with an experience they will never forget. Sleepy, the robotic arm ‘artist’, is setting Ibis apart and helping the hotel chain to make guests feel like royalty.



Coming soon: Most people are unaware that beautiful, inexpensive works of art can be made from beans. You won’t want to miss our next post, which features a bean art tutorial!

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