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A Branch of the Louvre Museum to be Built in Abu Dhabi

Plans for the building of a branch of the Louvre Museum are being carried out in Abu Dhabi. The Louvre branch will reportedly begin being built early in 2013. The “emirates tourism arm” is responsible for this project.

The Louvre project will do much to add to the rich culture of Abu Dhabi. The museum will be built beside prestigious housing developments and a golf course and will cost an estimated $27 billion to complete. Saadiyat Island will be home to the new branch of the Louvre.

A branch of New York’s Guggenheim museum as well as New York University will also be built on Saadiyat Island. This development of the island is being called “one of the largest cultural projects in the Middle East.” However, due to a reported exploitation of foreign workers, over a hundred artists have threatened to boycott the Guggenheim museum.

Abu Dhabi to begin building Louvre early next year

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