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Creative Bathroom Décor

A bathroom takes up a few square feet of home space but can consume a good portion of the decorating budget. Designing a bathroom involves more than choosing paint colors, tile patterns and fragrant accents. Some homeowners believe this is the best space to exercise creativity and add pieces of outrageous artistic flair.

Many artists create pieces that are intended to dress up the bathroom. Explore how some add aquamarine life to the splish-splash nature of the room while also infusing it with organic flowers and natural lighting sources. Take a look at art that is breathing new life into these common, small spaces.

Aquarium Vanity

Moody Aquarium SinkFish tanks are often seen in office spaces and living rooms. They are said to bring a sense of tranquility to the environment. What can they bring to bathrooms? One artistic bathroom vanity is livening up the bathroom with the movement of an aquarium. The Moody Aquarium Sink brings a tropical look to the bathroom. Although, lifting the sink top and rearranging the aquamarine environment can change the look instantly. This particular vanity includes backlights to ensure a nightlight is always available and the fish are always on display.

Artistic Urinals

Clark Sorensen is a sculptor who creates bathroom pieces that are on the dryer side of nature. He creates artistic urinals. Sorensen has cornered a niche art market that is, he says, “Inspired by nature (and the call of it).” He believes that couples reach out to him because the man wants a urinal but the woman thinks they are “ugly or dirty.” By creating urinals in the shapes of flowers, like daffodil and hibiscus, he creates a product that bridges the bathroom divide. The artist says, “My works echo the classic conflicts between masculine and feminine, good and evil, soiled and chaste.”

Bathtub Chandelier

Much of the art that makes its way into bathrooms is inspired by nature. Natural light is one of the most important features of a bathroom. A beautiful approach to illuminating this space is to use a non-electric chandelier. By hanging a multi-candle chandelier over the bathtub, a unique elegance is brought into the room.

People relish in the idea of decorating their homes, but how much energy do they put into decorating their bathrooms? These small but useful spaces are brought to life when artistic flare is added. Artists are producing bathroom décor that is fully functional and inspired by nature. By embracing this trend, the smallest room in a home can cause the biggest splash.

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