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The Lingo of Color

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It is said that the human eye can discern between 1 million and 7 million colors. Do you think you could name them all?

Most people can easily identify the 3 primary colors (red, yellow, blue), and the three secondary colors (orange, green and purple), plus white and black. It’s their many mixtures, variants, tints and shades that cause a stumbling block when it comes to identifying colors.

Because of their familiarity with pigments, artists have a slew of color names at their disposal when it comes to naming colors. (For instance, “I painted a Cerulean sky over an Ultramarine ocean, tinged with hints of Light Hansa.”) These terms may leave non-artists scratching their heads. Where do these color names originate?

As we discussed in a previous article, some artist pigments are named for the material that they are made from (cobalt blue, made from cobalt), or the place where they the pigments first came from (burnt sienna, from Sienna, Italy). Other colors are named for the person who first discovered the pigment that could be used to create the color (fuchsia, named for the German scientist Leonard Fuchs).

The complexity of color is difficult to pin down with the limitations of language – especially when one person claims to see lavender while another argues that the color is actually lilac. Aside from the necessity of naming pigments and hues for color-matching purposes, perhaps many color names are best left to the imagination, where poetic expressiveness can assign the most appropriate color name for that particular purpose and moment.


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Wacky and Wonderful Art Cars

A dinosaur on wheels… a Cadillac covered in Legos… a tie-dyed school bus… if you see all of these rolling towards you, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a surrealistic dream – it probably means you’re watching an Art Car Parade!

An art car is a vehicle that has been transformed through the magic of paint or found objects, and a healthy dose of creativity, into a mobile objet d’art.  First originating during the hippie movement of the 60s, the art car phenomenon is still alive and well today.  Annual Art Car Parades take place in cities such as Houston, Minneapolis and San Francisco, and also feature prominently in festivals such as Burning Man.  Houston’s annual Art Car Parade draws nearly a quarter of a million attendees, testimony to the popularity of these wacky and wonderful automobiles.

“Mutant vehicles” are the more radically-transformed cousins of art cars (as shown above).  Mutant vehicles refer to cars that barely resemble our common conception of what a car should look like, because they have been transformed into whimsical mobile creations, like giant red wagons, hot dogs, monsters and even cathedrals.

Artist and non-artists alike have taken to decorating their cars.  Those who don’t consider themselves “traditional” artists embellish their cars by covering them entirely with bumper stickers, pennies, Astroturf, Legos, and Barbie Dolls.  Fine artists can show off their painting skills by creating detailed and elaborate murals on their cars, usually using enamel or airbrush.

For artists, an art car is an excellent way to show off your art because it becomes a mobile gallery, turning heads on the highway and in parking lots.  If you have an art car or decide to transform your car into one, make the most out of the free publicity by adding a bumper sticker with your website address, or by painting your name and website URL somewhere prominent.


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Artful fun Friends and Foes and Santa by!

Colorful and fun Pattern Set for SegPlay® PC by Segmation released (see more details here)

A number of colorful, unique, illustrations of friends and foes from Segmation. You’ll fully enjoy coloring these patterns including Santa, Cupid, Superman, Uncle Sam, tourist, bagpiper, car salesman, magician, wizard, skateboarder, warrior, chef, alien, DJ, party girl, and many, many more.

This set contains 34 paintable patterns.

Friends and Foes

Have fun and relax with beautiful online painting art. So fun and easy to use with no mess but just a mouse!

Be a Artist in 2 minutes with Friends and Foes from Segmation SegPlay® PC (see more details here)


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Sleepless Nights in Miami

FREE SegPlay® Art Painting Evaluation for 10 days, Enjoy us, so easy, fun and what a brain teaser with no mess!

Judy Levinson-Water Color from Miami!

JUDY LEVINSON is a watercolor artist living in Miami Beach, Florida. Early works were in transparent watercolor.

Today, she has moved to acrylics resulting in a powerful use of color. Her paintings are displayed in the Witt Gallery in Lenox, Ma, The Beverly Hills Cancer Center, Santa Clara Water Department both in California and the Vitality Health & Wellness offices in Miami Beach.

There are a dozen paintings on display at Tamarind on Normandy Isle, Miami Beach, and were included in “Sleepless Nights in Miami”. They are also in many private collections throughout the United States.

The 3-D trees are sculpted in wood and are a exciting addition to her portfolio. Each of these trees are individual in concept. They represent the versatility and vibrancy of her art. Her trees impart in both children & adults a feeling of joy and contentment.

In 2008 & 2009 Judy began working with cardboard, combining it with paper & wood. These pieces are figurative and very large. Her art is continually evolving in presentation but her subject matter is still about her love of flowers, trees, color and family relationships.

The subjects of mixed media pieces are exaggerated figures as she likes to use materials that are common and even a little crude so that the paintings are textural and unpretentious. For the past three years, Judy has been working on a large scale in cardboard, paper and wood. Often, found objects are used in these figurative abstracts. Sometimes finding a large item such as a map, scroll or tabletop will become a jumping off point. These objects evoke memories and give depth to the piece. Interest in people and their relationships is an integral concept. Judy’s paintings appear to be whimsical there are always underlying stories and emotions.

Color and collage are the major tools Judy uses to create paintings. Always trying to push the envelope and make work unusual so it has its own signature!

Don’t miss “Visions Art Exhibit” at The Greenview in Miami Beach (1671 Washington Ave.) running in conjunction with Continue reading