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Sleepless Nights in Miami

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Judy Levinson-Water Color from Miami!

JUDY LEVINSON is a watercolor artist living in Miami Beach, Florida. Early works were in transparent watercolor.

Today, she has moved to acrylics resulting in a powerful use of color. Her paintings are displayed in the Witt Gallery in Lenox, Ma, The Beverly Hills Cancer Center, Santa Clara Water Department both in California and the Vitality Health & Wellness offices in Miami Beach.

There are a dozen paintings on display at Tamarind on Normandy Isle, Miami Beach, and were included in “Sleepless Nights in Miami”. They are also in many private collections throughout the United States.

The 3-D trees are sculpted in wood and are a exciting addition to her portfolio. Each of these trees are individual in concept. They represent the versatility and vibrancy of her art. Her trees impart in both children & adults a feeling of joy and contentment.

In 2008 & 2009 Judy began working with cardboard, combining it with paper & wood. These pieces are figurative and very large. Her art is continually evolving in presentation but her subject matter is still about her love of flowers, trees, color and family relationships.

The subjects of mixed media pieces are exaggerated figures as she likes to use materials that are common and even a little crude so that the paintings are textural and unpretentious. For the past three years, Judy has been working on a large scale in cardboard, paper and wood. Often, found objects are used in these figurative abstracts. Sometimes finding a large item such as a map, scroll or tabletop will become a jumping off point. These objects evoke memories and give depth to the piece. Interest in people and their relationships is an integral concept. Judy’s paintings appear to be whimsical there are always underlying stories and emotions.

Color and collage are the major tools Judy uses to create paintings. Always trying to push the envelope and make work unusual so it has its own signature!

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