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How to Make a Passive Income from your Art (

Would you love to spend as much time as possible working on your art, instead of working a full-time job? For most artists, making a living from their art seems like an impossible dream that only a lucky few get the luxury to experience. But these days, being a full-time artist is within reach of more people than ever.

Art licensing and print-on-demand are two ways that you can create an ongoing passive income stream that pays the bills and gets your art (and your name!) out into the world.

Art licensing is a huge industry. As an artist, you can license your work to companies that can manufacture and sell your artwork on a dizzying variety of items, from greeting cards and calendars to umbrellas and rain boots. You can get paid a lump sum or an initial fee plus royalties.

Most artists who license their art work with a licensing agent who handles the business side of things, from finding licensors to drawing up contracts. If you want to dive into the world of art licensing, research art licensing agencies to determine which one is the best fit for your art. They will take a percentage of your earnings in return for representing you to their clients.

Print-on-demand is another way for artists to earn passive income. You can upload your artwork to print-on-demand sites such as Zazzle or Cafepress to create products such as t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more. You can set your royalty rates and create as many products as you want.

Print-on-demand is an appealing income stream for artists because you can get started as soon as you want – you don’t have to wait for an agency to represent you. Once you design the products, the income from sales is truly passive.

If your dream is to make a living from your art, check out art licensing and print-on-demand – they might help to make your dream come true!

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