Coloring Each Season with Healthy Food

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Eating foods that color the seasonWhat is your favorite food? While some dishes are enjoyable year round, there are a few seasonal treats that we crave in certain months. For instance, with autumn comes a taste for turkey and pie, especially apple and pumpkin. Winter seems to taunt us all year long with reminders of sweet cookies and hot cocoa. Spring is alive with fruits and vegetables that are coming into season, and summer is the time to grill meats and eat cold treats – like Popsicles.

Regardless of what season we are in, crave-worthy foods find ways into our homes. But we don’t reach for them because of taste alone; these are the foods that color each season. Baskets of jams in winter and bowls of fruit in spring become colorful, edible kitchen décor. But no food colors a kitchen better than fruits and vegetables.

Delectable greens, vibrant berries, plump tree fruits and unearthed…

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4 thoughts on “Coloring Each Season with Healthy Food

  1. Rayla-Jeanne

    I noticed that you had stopped by my blog site and read the post on teaching color: tertiaries. Thanks so much. It’s always so much fun to share things we care about.

  2. DitchTheBun

    I love FRUIT in summer! I am a HUGE fruit person and always have been. I don’t know if I can pick one favourite though so can I say fruit salad? YUM, with a bit of yoghurt and a sprinkling of granola on top.


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