What’s So Important About Art Class?

imagesDid you know that May 5th is National Teacher’s Day? That’s right, there is actually an official day designated to honor teachers and the impact they make on young lives. Since teachers have inestimable value but are all too often overlooked and taken for granted, it is wonderful to take a few minutes to think about their amazing contributions to society. Celebrate art teachers with us by learning about the ways art classes benefit children.

The Amazing Benefits of Art Class

Most students, regardless of age, race or gender, seem to have something in common: they LOVE art class. This is probably because art is an outlet that allows kids to express their feelings and connect with their peers on an emotional level. After a school day full of logic and reasoning, most kids find art class to be a welcome change. Art class offers benefits beyond mere emotional expression. Here are 3 awesome things that most kids will learn in art class:

  • Collaboration skills – While math and science are important subjects, they do not necessarily facilitate collaboration. However, when a child participates in an art project, he or she learns how to work with others and consider their opinions and ideas. When creating art, kids come to believe that their contributions have value. Art class truly has an amazing ability to increase a youngster’s self-confidence as well as his or her ability to cooperate with other students.
  • Accountability – Believe it or not, accountability can be most easily learned in an art class. Why? Because students often have to work alongside their peers to complete projects. When children engage in teamwork, they see firsthand how profoundly their level of dedication to a project affects others.

images-1Art teachers leave an indelible print on the hearts and minds of their students and are some of the most cherished individuals on the planet. They are beloved because they offer kids an incredible gift – the ability to create and enjoy art. There is no doubt that art is a valuable subject for children to learn about during their formative years. Why do you believe art in schools is important? How does art class positively impact your child? Share with us in the comments section below – we love hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “What’s So Important About Art Class?

  1. Tania Marie's Blog

    Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    I agree with Segmation’s feelings about the “amazing benefits of Art Class”. To add, I believe it’s also important in the cultivation of creativity, in general, to foster the imagination, help us stay connected to our inner child, let go of judgments and rules, to explore unlimited possibilities, cultivate playfulness, self-expression, give our feelings a voice, help move energy through us, empower our uniqueness, keep harmony within our Chakras, and the list goes on!

    Thank you to Segmation for sharing this valuable post and reminding us to honor teachers on this day, May 5th – National Teacher’s Day.

    I would also like to take a moment to honor two teachers in my own life that just so happen not only to share this day of May 5th, but were/and continue to be guiding forces in my own cultivation of creative self-expression and more.

    Today would have been Gaia, my sweet Russian Tortoise’s 12th Earthly birthday and today was also the day seven years ago that I received Nestor’s ashes, my beautiful rabbit soul companion.

    Here’s to boundless creativity and love, celebration of the creative arts, and honor for the teachers in our lives – art and beyond!

  2. Key Image Photographers

    I loved art class at school and when I became a teacher my passion for the subject definitely shone through and rubbed off on the children I was teaching. I recall one little boy telling me “Miss, when you teach art its like being on Art Attack” That was enough for me 🙂

  3. sarinal

    I loved art class at school (and went on to study Photography at college and university, so my teacher must have done something right) and usually my art teachers were my favourite teachers as well. I happily agree with everything above!!


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