Mozilla is human

A penny for your thoughts?


A few days ago I wrote: Mozilla is messy. For better and for worse, the week’s events showed how true that is.

Looking back at the past week, this also comes to mind: Mozilla is human. In all the best and worst ways. With all the struggle and all the inspiration. Mozilla is very very human.

On the inspiration part, I need to say: Brendan Eich is one of the most inspiring humans that I have ever met. He is a true hero for many of us. He invented a programming language that is the heart and soul of the most open communications system the world has ever known. He led a band of brilliant engineers and activists who freed the internet from the grip of Microsoft. And, one-on-one, in his odd and brilliant ways, he helped and advised so many of us as we put our own hearts and souls into building…

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3 thoughts on “Mozilla is human

  1. typosintheline

    My thoughts? I don’t really know the story here, but the pattern is too painful and familiar not to be truly. Lack of empathy — worst groundlessness one can inflict on another. Phoenixes, welcome; sackcloth & ashes? Plenty. Human? Sadly (as in, soberly), yes.


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