Simple, Creative Super Bowl Snack Ideas


Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and with it comes the need for one thing: Snacks. While Super Bowl Sunday is famous for many things, including football, halftime shows, friends, and fun, it is also well-known for the delicious treats that are served up at parties all over the country. Snack-wise, are you prepared for Super Bowl Sunday?

Quick and Easy Super Bowl Snack Recipes

Here are a few simple, creative ways to prepare unforgettable football-themed snacks:

— Strawberry Footballs —

For a healthy treat, serve your guests Strawberry Footballs. All you need for this recipe are 24 strawberries, 8 ounces of chocolate coating, and 1/4 cup of white chocolate chips. The Strawberry Footballs are made by dipping the strawberries into melted chocolate, then allowing that chocolate to dry. Second, decorate the chocolate-covered strawberries with white chocolate to give the illusion of a football. Find directions for this treat at

— Football Pizza —

Pizza is always a hit at Super Bowl parties –especially football-themed pizza. To make football pizza, you will prepare a rectangular cheese pizza. The pizza is then “decorated” with pepperoni that is shaped to resemble a football (string cheese is used to make the “laces”). See full instructions:

— Super Bowl Snack Stadium —

To create a Super Bowl Snack Stadium, pile salsa and guacamole in a small rectangular dish. Lay that dish inside a larger rectangular dish; arrange tortilla chips around the edges of the container. Use sour cream to create laces over the salsa and guacamole (see full recipe at This treat is sure to be a favorite!

What are your favorite Super Bowl snacks?

Do you have any traditional Super Bowl snacks that you love to serve party guests each year? If yes, Segmation superbowl,football,pizza,chocolate,snack,footballs,snacks,strawberry invites you to leave a comment on this blog post. We appreciate your creative efforts as they relate to the food you offer family and friends, and we know other readers will as well. Feel free to share your Super Bowl snack secrets with us!

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