ChromaBlend Art Game by!

ChromaBlend by Segmation

ChromaBlend by Segmation

ChromaBlend Pattern Set for SegPlay® PC by Segmation (see more details here)

Longtime Segmation SegPlay™ contributor, Susan Richardson, has created an exciting set of multi-colored images for us to use with SegPlayPC™ These chromatic patterns are a joy to look at and utilize a vivid color palette. Have some psychedelic fun with the ChromaBlend collection! Cascade, Confusion, Eyes in the Round, Expand, Fractured Rainbow, It’s Raining, Neon Impression, Organza II , Marbled, Orange, Purple, Pink and Blue, Rainbow II, Stirring of the Water, Spring Through My Window, Square Circle I, Surreal Dream, The Blues, 3D IV and Wave collections are included.
This set contains 20 paintable patterns.

Have fun and relax with beautiful online painting art. So fun and easy to use with no mess but just a mouse!

Be a Artist in 2 minutes with ChromaBlend from Segmation SegPlay® PC (see more details here)


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